10 Questions Every Veterinary Practice Should Ask Their IT Provider

Is your current IT provider doing everything they can to make sure you can give patients and clients your undivided attention? You are a veterinarian—a professional who has vowed to serve our beloved animals. You don’t have time for network issues, dropped calls, system downtime, and other problems that affect productivity. Let’s see if you’re getting everything you deserve to make your practice run like it should.

Those 10 Very Important Questions, in No Particular Order

1. Does Your IT Company Specialize in Veterinary Practice IT?

The veterinary industry is one where you can’t be distracted with IT problems—there’s too much on the line. When your IT firm has worked with countless veterinary practices across the country for decades, they’ll know your software and your unique challenges, and they’ll be in tune with the needs of your staff and clients.

2. Does Your IT Company Have a Certified Veterinary Technician on Staff?

Let’s be honest—most don’t. Because unless they specialize in IT for veterinary practices, why would they need that? But the difference it can make is measurable. Not only will you get the IT advice, support, and implementation you need, but you’ll also get firsthand knowledge from someone who knows how your business works from the inside.

3. Are Your Technicians All Based in the U.S.?

Have you ever made a call to the helpdesk, only to discover that language is a major barrier in communication of your problem? If so, you know how difficult and frustrating that can be. If not, we hope that never happens to you while clients are waiting for your network or software issue to be resolved.

4. Do You Have Experts in My Veterinary Practice Management Software?

Whether it’s AVImark®, IDEXX Cornerstone®, covetrus impromed®, ezyVet, or DVMAX software, having an IT company that knows how to solve problems quickly can be a game-changer. And let’s not forget about the plugins you rely on every day—make sure they’re experts in those, too.

5. Does Your IT Company Offer a Full Line of IT Services?

No one wants to use more than one IT company because theirs doesn’t offer all the services they need. You’re busy enough. Your IT provider should offer cybersecuritydata backupmanaged ITphone servicesPCI compliancecloud servicesco-managed IT, and a helpdesk that monitors and responds 24/7.

6. Is There a Dedicated IT Support Center?

Do you have a dedicated support center phone # or email address for the helpdesk at your IT company? If not, you’re missing out on fast response time and immediate attention to your problem. It might not seem like a big deal at the moment, but it will when you have a client in your front office who wants service even though your system is down.

7. Do You Offer Custom Packages?

Just because you’re a veterinarian, doesn’t mean your business’s needs are exactly the same as other veterinary practices. Your IT company should take the time to get to know your operations and recommend only those services that will make your staff more productive and leave your clients happier with your services.

8. Do You Understand My Need to Focus on My Business?

You’re in the business of healing animals and counseling pet owners—not in the business of diagnosing technological problems and apologizing to clients for slow operations and poor service. Your IT company should understand this, and take on as much as you want them to so you can focus on your practice.

9. Can You Provide Testimonials from Other Veterinarians?

When you want to know what to expect from an IT company, who are the best people to ask? Those in the same business as you, of course. Ask your IT provider to supply reviews from their current veterinary clients so you know what to expect.

10. Are You Committed to Continual IT Improvement?

Your vet practice is constantly evolving with new ways to better serve clients, improved diagnostics, staff education, and more. You should expect the same from your IT company. Are they always learning? Can they share new opportunities for advancement with you? Are they invested in your success? This is what separates good IT firms from great ones.

Computer Services Unlimited Can Answer “Yes” to All These Questions

The staff at Computer Services Unlimited believes that you deserve to work with IT professionals who know your business and who can offer solutions to help you grow and improve—all while delivering top-notch service.

Now is a great time to explore all that’s waiting for you at CSU. Let’s have a discussion about how our IT services can benefit your veterinary practice today.

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